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Wandering Dulcimer What is a "Wandering Dulcimer"? Well, the dulcimer in question is the Appalachian or mountain dulcimer. A truly American folk instrument, the dulcimer and its predecessors did a lot of wandering as they traveled with the early settlers of our country. The name as it applies to me has to do with my not having a physical, retail location (aside from my home!). My dulcimer and I tend to travel as needed for various performances, adult education classes and festivals. While my home base is southern NH, you are apt to find me anywhere around New England, enjoying the music and the company of musicians.

I have been playing the Appalachian dulcimer for about 16 years. While the guitar was my first instrument, the dulcimer, with its haunting drones captivated me the first time I heard it. Deceptively simple to play, an easy folk song melody can be coaxed from its strings by a beginner in just a few minutes. Yet there always seem to be new techniques, various tunings and an ever growing number of melodies from all over the world to explore on this instrument.Sandy Lafleur